110916: birthday gurl

gosh, i can't believe that i turn 15 tedeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
oh my god, bless me.

ok now, i can answer pt3 with a calm heart.. lol... yesterday my family and i went to pd to have some fuuuuuuunnnnnn. 

me ft. mom :)

by the way, aqilah did wish me the first, and i really appreciated it <3 it was really unbelievable that i got many wishes from my ol' fwens, hihihi thank you guys. some of them are piqah, qina, aliah, syazwan (my ol' deskmate huhu) and others :* 

anyways, this year's bday is not as fun as past years... it's ok as long as my best fwens still remember me *sparkling heart emoji* 

p/s: PT3 IS ONLY ONE MONTH FROM NOW!!!! BREAK A LEG 14'18!!!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

+p/s: my trial was not that good, and not that bad. :)