141216: #tb

Lol it has been such a long time i didn't write in this blog..

Hehehehe but i'm just here to share some photos (#throwback)
Recently, i just had a short vacation with my small family @ Malacca. And then, we bumped into my mom's bff's sons hahahaha. And yep, then, ibu pun jumpa bff dia (who we called Aunty Ling a.k.a. darling) 

2009 kot? i dont really remember--'

Wah hahaha we're growing up...yeah but i'm just the one who isn't growing up hm?? Thank you mom, pirateship was GREAT!!

17, 15, 20 & 19,15, 17

Short vacation @ Malacca wasn't that bad, tapi sebab hujan so tak dapat pergi pantai klebang. Sho shad.

p/s: Result pt3 is just around the corner, wish me luckkk!!!! (result permata pintar pun)

++p/s: Haih kenapa la Harith nak pindah. So now i'm the one who have to think, cari pengganti photographer batch Zeals2 for editorial board hm.

++p/s: New fav song: Segalanya by Haqiem Rusli