191216: your worst enemy, pt3

Sorry semesra, i tak mampu straight As *crying emoji*. It's okay, the other 14 pupils had made y'all proud, ayte? Zealous II dah pecah rekod, ayte? So, all hard work is paid off now. Thanks for those who had supported me, and also gave me motivations. And now, I'll make sure Bio, Chemist, Physics will be A+++++ BYE 

SPM 2018 9A+

To All Zeals2;
.....i am proud of u guys, even though kita nakal nakal jewrp, but still we can achieve our best pt3 results like hell yeah WE DID IT GUYS BANGGA SIKIT PLEASE? Aku still terharu dengan pencapaian y'all huhu #fatinlovesyouguys #zeals2dabomb

p/s: #afzr
amirah got 8A 2B.
me got 9A 1B.
aqilah got 10A 1B.
effa got 10A straight.
haih i miss u guys so badly.

hmm, see you later x